Dj Kitsch

Arriving in Los Angeles in Sept. of 2006 from Honolulu, HI; Kitsch slowly made her way into a new and exciting party scene she had never experienced before :

THE RAVE. Captivated by the sheer energy and amazing music of this new world, she fell into rave culture, and everything that it represented.

Dj Kitsch decided that she wanted to contribute more to the scene. Seeing as there were no female hardcore djs at the time in los angeles (and hardcore was her favorite genre), she was determined to become a Dj, and play only the best music for her fellow ravers

After many hard months of networking and teaching herself how to mix, DJ Kitsch finally broke out with her first gig in May of 2007. A firecracker from the start, DJ Kitsch is known for her massive stage presence, and pounding hard beats. Her love for harder happy hardcore, and her drive for different tracks definetly make her sets stand out from the rest. DJ Kitsch continues to captivate an ever-growing fan base with her originality and love for the people who matter the most:

THE CROWD. In a nutshell, she likes it hard and fast, and that’s how she will give it to you ;)





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