Adrian Ecks

Adrian Ecks has been rocking the decks for nearly a decade and a half. Rifling through his parents’ vast and eclectic record collection and started experimenting with the controls on their old Sony record player. He grew up in a profoundly musical household. His mother at an early young age put him in a classical piano program. From that moment, he had enough motor control in his hands to stay on point. He is nonetheless a completely self-taught DJ, buying all the necessary gear with money saved up from a full-time job at Roland and learning by bringing a new piece of musical technology home, reading manuals and pushing all the necessary buttons and recording until he hit perfection. The first record he bought was a now-out-of-print EP of Armand Van Helden first pressed in 1994. Favorite tracks on that EP were “Witch Doctor”, “Donkey” and “Break Da 80′s”.

Adrian Ecks started out buying vinyl at local record stores like Exodus Records, Tuff Guy Records, Street Sounds, Amoeba, Dr. Freeclouds, Fat Beat and VIP Records. Record shopping was a hobby and rapidly became a passion. Hip Hop was another genre that he was influenced by with beat juggling and vinyl scratching. Remixing live current chart toppers and acapellas together. He began playing in local bars and clubs in his hometown of Los Angeles. Sharing the decks with the likes of local headliners like Richard Vission and Tony B. Adrian Ecks has made a name for himself in behind the scenes as a production manager of local events and Music Director of in Los Angeles. With an Associate’s Degree in Electronics and countless hours behind the decks.

Adrian Ecks is unstoppable and has no limitations to what he can accomplish in studio and in his lifetime. Besides his obvious talent behind the turntables, he also manages to showcase enthusiasm for his work through dedication, persistence and sense of professionalism. Adrian Ecks is part of a duo playing as first half of ”Good Cop Bad Cop”, with drummer Ricky Rocks. He is working on his first EP titled “Time Tells All” to be released in 2013. Be ready to be amazed and blown away with hard bass lines, snares, claps and bells!!!!!!






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