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EDM Magazine ended the year in style when we caught up with the NERVO girls to get the scoop on their latest collaboration with Askery called ‘Alone

Your new song Alone has a heavy downtempo vibe to it. What is the inspiration for it?

We started writing pop music many years ago so are used to working in different tempos. It was only when we became NERVO or we were working for more dance artists/DJs we were more focused on 128bpm’s but these days dance music (or EDM) seems to be more open to different tempos and sounds. It’s a super inspiring time for music right now and we’re thrilled that we have had such a great reaction to Alone!

You collaborated with Askery on Alone- can you tell us how you’re connected and what the process of writing music together is like?

We met Askery a few times at MAD Club in Switzerland. After a few times of meeting, we started chatting about collaborating together. We’re so happy we finally found the time to make it happen!

The singer on Alone is newcomer Brielle Von Hugel- how did you come to find her?

Askery knew Brielle and made the connection. We met Brielle and her team for the first time whilst we were in New York and it was there that we finished the main bulk of the writing all together. This was a real treat as we don’t always find the time to meet with our collaborators while we all tour around the world so much.

[Askery] How did you come to work with the Nervo girls?

I met the girls through my manager who regularly booked them in Switzerland. The first time I met NERVO was at Mad Club in Lausanne. Actually I was following them way before we met. I’ve always loved their music, their charisma and the crazy energy in their shows. Therefore I immediately seized the opportunity by sending them my demos by email. They liked the 1st draft demo of ‘Alone’ so we started with this idea, we kept working on it, recorded some vocals in a hotel room in New York City and kept tweaking the track until we thought it was right.

The video for Alone is a very sweet animated clip. Is there anything special about the message we should take away?

We really wanted to do something different in this music video. We have done animated videos in the past and really enjoyed the feedback and creativeness from them so wanted to bring one back for our fans.  We also wanted to get the message of “Alone” across and draw inspiration from the meaning of the song in the video. The video sees us on planet earth picking up on some intergalactic sound waves. In the end, we launch a rocket and follow the sound waves to a rave on another planet where Askery and Brielle are performing.

Mesto did a more extreme remix for Alone. How do you choose a remixer for your songs, and do you think remixes help or hinder the original work?

We always love to get remixes on our songs and releases – especially when the radio edits are not specific to the dance floor. We’re big fans of Mesto and are super happy with what he delivered!

What is your pick for best track of 2016 and why?

[NERVO] – Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers really got under my (Liv’s) skin. It’s the perfect mix of pop and dance.

[Askery] – It’s really difficult to chose only 1 track 🙂 There were so many great tunes this year. The 2 best tracks that are coming to my mind now are Never Be Like You by Flume ft. Kai and Shelter by Porter Robinson & Madeon. Never Be Like You is an amazing mix of a lot of genres and the sound-design is mind blowing. Shelter has an amazing vibe, love the Studio Ghibli music inspiration and the melody of the track.

Ladies- it seems like you’re having a top tour right now in Asia. Tell us one thing you ate or saw that you wish you hadn’t!

We love to eat and try new things. We think this is why we love touring so much. We literally are excited to try the different foods at airports ! We ate chicken feet in Hong Kong last week. That’s not too crazy I guess but might sound crazy to some. We were told they are full of collagen so they are good for the skin – bring it on!

Askery- As a sound engineer you’ve got a keen sense of production and we can hear that in Alone. Tell us something about a sound you made for the song and how you created it.

Let’s talk about the wobble bass sound in the drops. I created it with the plugin Serum (by Xfer Records). There were 2 oscillators, the 1st one with a Sin wave (Analog_BD_Sin) with 16 unison detuned, the 2nd oscillator has 3 unison of a weird wavetable of Serum called PWM_Mdc. There is a lot of subtle settings on each oscillators + effects, filters, LFO automation etc. Then I used the plugin LFO Tools (also by Xfer Records) to create the wobble sound by doing a lot automation on its filter section.

2017 will be here when this comes out. What do you each hope will change next year and what would you wish to stay the same?

NERVO – We hope to continue on this crazy amazing path. We are grateful for every day that we can live out our dream of making and playing music so THANK YOU to all of our fans out there. We really appreciate the continued support!

Askery – I hope to continue living my passion and to make as much music as possible in 2017. 2016 has been an amazing year for me thanks to my fans, friends and family. So I hope to continue on this amazing path!! 🙂